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Enchiladas Recipe

Enchiladas may seem like a daunting and complex culinary task, but with this straightforward recipe you’ll be able to make them easily. This step by step process will allow you to create a delicious meal in no time. We’ll go over all aspects of making this delicious dish, including creating the filling, preparing tortillas, making the sauce, and baking the final product. When completed, this recipe will yield 12 – 14 vegetarian or meat enchiladas.

Equipment Needed

  • Utensils for cutting and dicing such as knife and cutting board
  • Food processor for making sauce
  • Skillet to cook chicken filling
  • Oven


  • Tomatoes Poblano
  • pepper
  • Chipotle
  • peppers
  • Chicken breast
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Lime
  • Cilantro
  • Tortillas
  • Garlic
  • 8 oz chedder cheese, shredded
  • 8 oz Monterey jack cheese, shredded

Once all of the required materials and ingredients are gathered, the first step of this cooking process is to prepare the filling. There are several options when it comes to the filling for the enchiladas. There is a meat filling made with chicken in addition to a veggie option. You can make a mixture of veggie and meat enchiladas, or veggie or meat exclusively.Either filling calls for a mix of diced onions and cilantro. Put these two items together in a bowl. Next, mix the cheddar and monetary jack cheeses together in a separate bowl. To make a chicken filling, take a piece of chicken breasts and cut it into small pieces. Boneless chicken breast is recommended. Head up the skillet to medium head. Head up olive oil on the skillet and put the chicken on the skillet. Add some garlic and a little bit of black pepper, salt, and cumin. If you have a taste for all things spicy, add a little bit of cayenne pepper. Saute the mixture until it is done all the way through, keeping the garlic close to the chicken to make it the most flavorful.If you decide to pursue the veggie filling option, slice the poblano pepper and pull out the seeds. Cut the pepper into long stripes. The peppers do not need to be cooked on the skillet; they can just be baked with the rest of the enchiladas.Once whichever filling you’ve chosen is finished, the next step is to prepare the tortillas. Rather than frying the tortillas in oil, a healthier alternative is to dip each tortilla in water. This process will help eliminate fat and calories. Once each tortilla is damp, stack about four of them on a plate, separating each one with a paper towel. Stacking too many of them could result in the ones at the bottom to become cold and stiff, so try not to exceed about four per stack on each plate. Once you have a finished stack, microwave them for thirty seconds. You should end up with about three plates of tortillas once you have completed this step.The next step is rolling and filling the enchiladas with the chicken or veggie filling that you prepared earlier. Place a tortilla on a plate and sprinkle some cheese onto it. Next add a couple pieces of chicken or pepper, followed by the cilantro and union mix. Roll the tortilla and place it seam-side down in a baking dish. Repeat this process until the dish is completely full. To make the sauce that will top your enchiladas, put four tomatoes, one pepper and two jalapenos in your food processor. Blend this medley together. Next, slice an onion and a quarter cup of cilantro and add them to the food processor. Follow up with a clove of garlic and lime juice. The final touch is between 3 – 4 chipotle peppers. Blend the finished medley together and add a pinch of salt and pepper to the mix.Take the completed sauce medley and pour it over the enchiladas. Top this off with some shredded cheese. The finished product should be baked for 25 minutes at 375 degrees. Once you have finished this process, you’ll have a flavorful meal that is ready to eat and enjoy.

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